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Surviving cancer means experiencing a journey … and those who have been through it know you don’t make it alone. For cancer survivors there’s an ongoing community of support among fellow survivors, families, loved ones and caregivers. Building and nurturing that community is as vital a part of our mission as the research and technology that are bringing the world closer to free. Here are the inspiring stories of cancer survivors. Learn about their personal journeys and what it means for them to be part of the Closer to Free Ride.

Gary, 62.5 mile rider

Gary was enjoying a rewarding career as a chemical engineer and looking forward to possibly starting out on a new venture.

But during a routine physical in 2008, Gary’s doctor felt something in his neck. Biopsies revealed a Stage 4 throat cancer. ... read more

Erin, 62.5 mile rider

Erin is passionate about the outdoors, especially running. Chances are you’ll find her up before dawn somewhere along the beach with the other members of her running club.

But one day in the fall of 2014, this young, athletic woman received some devastating news about her health. ... read more

Ryan, 100 mile rider

Ryan has an idyllic life. He and his wife Courtney have three wonderful children. They live on a seven-acre farm in a postcard setting.

All was right with the world for Ryan and his family until one terrifying day in October 2014. A burning sensation in his stomach gave Ryan cause to see his gastroenterologist. ...read more

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