Survivor Stories

Survivor Stories

Support for Closer to Free helps many people, but most importantly, it helps our patients. The funds raised provide new opportunities for cancer research projects, new clinical trials, and new programs in our hospital and care centers. Stories of hope and survival from our patients provide inspiration each and every day.

The best care that anyone can possibly wish for

Bill went to his primary care doctor and a local hospital in 2011 because he had swollen glands in his armpit. At the time, he made no connection between the discomfort he was feeling and the stage I melanoma lesion that his dermatologist had diagnosed and excised ten years prior... read more

Access to clinical trial drug allows Maureen to celebrate more of life’s milestones

The first sign Maureen had that something might be wrong was a cough that lingered long after the fall allergy season had come and gone. After having an x-ray, she was told that she needed to visit a pulmonary specialist, who after additional testing gave her the news that she had lung cancer... read more

How the latest techniques and continuous support helped Sharon’s recovery process

Sharon’s difficulties breathing and swallowing brought her to see her ear, nose, and throat doctor in Waterbury. When an ultrasound found a cancerous growth on her voicebox (larynx), she was referred to Dr. Wendell Yarbrough, Chief of Otolaryngology at Yale-New Haven Hospital and... read more

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